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Joe Hachem - Blog - A Story from my E Book


14 August 2011

A Story from my E Book

The first instance was on the fifth day of the Main Event. I was just below the average chip count, from memory I had 880,000 in chips and the average was about 1 million. I picked up JJ “under the gun” and decided to raise the blinds to 30k (the blinds were 5k-10k, plus antes). I got called by Lee Watkinson, a professional with an aggressive style, and another player who was unknown to me. I was concerned at first. I would have expected Lee to raise me pre-flop. Was he slow playing me, trying to trap me after the flop? The flop comes out 10 8 3, with two hearts, which is a good flop for pocket Jacks. I lead the betting with 80k. Lee calls instantly and the other guy folds. Looking at the signs, I proceed very carefully. I didn’t want to exit the tournament just yet! Fourth street brings another 8 so I check it to Lee, who moves all-in, in a heartbeat. Now I’m a flurry of different responses. Am I still ahead and if so, by how much? Or is Lee trying to double bluff me, making me think he is trying to steal the pot? Should I call him? Does it warrant calling all my chips now, or should I wait for a better time? My head hurts as I think back on it. I can still recall the pain; my whole tournament life was on the line. I folded and decided to wait for a better time.

Fortunately, after that hand we broke for 15 minutes and I had some time to cool off. I was in the rest room and the unknown guy asked me what I had been holding in that hand. I responded “Jacks”. Right then Lee pops his head up from the wash basin and says “Good fold. I had Queens”. I was pumped. I’d made a tough decision and folded at the right time. As it turns out, I saw Lee a couple of months after I won the World Championship and he admitted he was bluffing all along. Or was he? That bugger. I’m sure I’ll never know.

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