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14 August 2011

Joe's Blog

My last blog was one week into the wsop. After that I guess I had some high expectations because I got off to a good start. I played 10 tournaments in all and had 5 deep runs but no cigars.
I played my first ever 50k 8game championship and after getting off to a good start on day1, I came back day2 and proceeded to lose every pot I played and was out after a couple of levels, was pretty brutal actually.
The main event was a non event! Busted out at the end of day2 after about 6 table changes. I was in ok shape but the last table change killed me. I played 4 hands, lost all four of them and exited quickly.
The only upside was that my brother Tony had a great main event, he played great and ran well to eventually finish 37th. Great effort and I was holding my breath on the last day, had he made it to the final table he would have made history. Unfortunately he ran out of steam and the blinds caught up too quickly. I think the cameras slowed play down a lot so the players only got about half the number of hands in.

APPT Melbourne was my next tournament, a huge success in my opinion. I played great poker but still didn't make it thru day1, its now officially called the Melbourne curse. Anyways I will tell you about one hand that I played which was kind of interesting. I was in the bb(10c9c) and Jackie Glazier raised from mid position and the cut off called, I called. Flop AcJc7s, I decide to lead into them, Jackie calls and so does co. I felt that Jackie had Ax prolly A10- Ak. My intention was to play a big pot if I got any heat as I had a pretty big hand here.
The turn brings Qh, so now I have a flush draw and double belly buster, I lead again, this tme for 1800, Jackie thinks and raises to 4400,really? Why so small when the board is so draw heavy?
The co gets out of the way and I now consider my options. Jackies raise is way too small if she really has a big hand to protect OR maybe she just wants to show where she was at and leave herself room to fold so I decide to continue my line of strength, basically repping. a set and raise it up to 12400k basically committing myself. She thought for a while and folded AJ which was a big fold. Worked out well for me but I think our previous history, in which I have held over her played into her decision a lot. Love you Jack.

Btw I had the rest of the table under control except the guy who was my "biggest fan". Photo, autograph then proceeds to rape me in every pot we play. Literally not folding any time I was involved in a hand lol. No need to tell you who busted me:)

I'm out for now but next blog will be about Epic poker league and APPT Queens Town, and will be soon.

Btw I'm writing this sitting by the pool on a beautiful day in LA, what do I have to complain about? Still working on a couple of tv projects over here, will tell you guys more when the time is right.
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