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Joe Hachem - Joe's Poker Tips

Joe's Golden Rules

1. Joe's Golden Rules
1. Play within your bankroll.

Your bankroll is your life. When starting out, your bankroll is limited by how much you’re comfortable losing. Once you’ve decided this limit always play within its parameters.
2. Joe's Golden Rules
2. The size of your bankroll should be proportionate to the size of your game.

Make sure you have the bankroll to play the game you like. For example, if you are playing $5-$10 No Limit live ring games with a maximum buy-in of $1000 then you need a $50,000 bankroll.

3. Joe's Golden Rules
3. Scared money never wins.

If you’re playing at a level of stakes where each time you bet you’re worried about the money, then you’re playing scared. Playing scared never wins because it eats away at your natural game and ruins your ability to make tough decisions.
4. Joe's Golden Rules
Within your poker bankroll, partition your funds into money for tournaments and money for cash games.

Many tournament players face difficulties in adapting to cash games because of inherent differences in the strategies. Decide which best suits your demeanor and progress from there to adapt your skills to other styles of play.
5. Joe's Golden Rules
Unless the stress of the game makes you stronger, it will end up making you miserable.

Poker is a stressful game. Each time someone raises or re-raises, they are trying to pressure you into making a decision. Make sure your able to tolerate this stress, as it will enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of the game.
6. Joe's Golden Rules
6. Play for pleasure.

Millions of people around the world gain hours of pleasure from playing poker with mates. Not everyone is cut out to be a poker pro, make the most of what you have and enjoy yourself.
7. Joe's Golden Rules
7. Separate your poker money and your life money.

Keep your poker bankroll separate from your life bankroll they should never come together. Mixing them up will only lead to trouble. This can happen especially when you lose sight of your priorities. You don’t need the stress. Poker will still be there after you rebuild.
8. Joe's Golden Rules
Play to win but make sure you’re having fun along the way.

Playing poker should always mean playing to win, not playing “not to lose”. You must learn that other players have the right to play as they want. After all, they’re risking their own money, which could end up in your pocket. If they get lucky, accept it, move on and above all be patient. There’s always luck in poker but the money will go to the better player in the end.
9. Joe's Golden Rules
Poker should be a part of your life but not your entire life.

This is my favorite saying. Not only does it suggest that you should keep your poker money and life money separate from each other but also, that you should have a life outside of poker. Leave the bad beats at the table so that you can enjoy your time with your family and friends.
10. Joe's Golden Rules
Keep accurate records if you truly want to mange your funds honestly and truly.

Don’t fool yourself by cutting corners; the only person you’re cheating is yourself. If you manage yourself smartly like an accountant, you can keep track of your progress truthfully and objectively and not let an errant perception justify inaccuracy.